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Imagine what it will be like when your child is more confident and skilled in reading.

Now imagine making that a reality from the comfort of your home (without having to teach them yourself!)

👏Game 👏 Changer 👏

If that seems like a dream come true, the ASPIRE Reading Program might be for you! ❤️

🤔Have you read to your child every night before bed, but they still struggle to learn how to read?

❤️Do you feel a tightness in your heart anytime you try to get your child to read? You know it will lead to a struggle.

😥Are you tired of watching other kids take off with their reading, and your child seems to keep falling further behind?

We'd love to chat and find out more about your family to see if we can help you!


Grab this free printable to help you decide!

Teacher and Young Student


We include an assessment that will give you a clear picture of your child's reading strengths and areas they need support.

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Not only did we make these easy for you to use, we also made it so you only need 15 minutes a night with these fun and engaging on-demand videos! Doesn't get much better than that!


We work together to find which skills your child will focus on in their lessons and offer personalized activities, games and videos just for them!

Computer Class


-Supports mastering High-Frequency Words, aka "Sight Words"

-Connect skills to Real Reading

-Weekly Check In's

-Live Story Time & Game Nights

Teacher & Student


If you are a dedicated parent who is ready to get rid of any stress, guilt, or overwhelm around your child's reading, click below!


Started the lessons yesterday with the boys. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. And very motivating for my youngest. On his own he said, "mom, get me some paper, I want to practice my c's!"


This is exactly what my child needs! And I know as a teacher you can only do so much with 20 +children! I’ve been praying my child would grasp & learn all the sounds & rules to be a successful reader & somewhat enjoy it! So blessed for what y’all do!


It's amazing content that keeps him engaged unlike any other literacy product. The best part is I can do it along with him instead of trying to be the teacher - because that never goes well. Thank you!


This program is worth every penny! My child has a chronic health condition and has some learning delays. At the end of kindergarten he knew 9/26 letters of the alphabet consistently. Through the program he has learned to read and write all the letters and their sounds and can even pull out sounds in short words now. During the videos, he stayed engaged, laughed at the jokes and loved all the different ways he learned things. As the parent watching and practicing along with him, I was worried he may complain about having to do the lessons but we ended up looking forward to it!


My son had fun reading this week! He LOVES the videos, and is responding so well. This week he’s told me all about his “reading brain” and how he’s growing it. He made a mistake with a letter sound this week, and immediately told me “Miss Buddy says it’s ok to make mistakes because I’m still learning.” We’re celebrating a growth mindset around here!


My son continues to be motivated with this program. He has gone from uninterested in reading to LOVING to read! He brings his school library books up to his room every night to read before bedtime… A routine that I pray will become a life long passion of his. Thank you for this life changing opportunity!


The girls are very excited to work on these. They LOVED the personalized video back and have asked everyday after school if they get to do more videos with Ms Buddy.

Thanks for making reading fun! 


Celebrating the fact that while we were working on our mini lesson and my daughter said, “Mrs. Buddy is right, learning how to read can be fun.”


I just want to say how much we're enjoying your programming! {My Son} is in Constructing Readers - he's 8 and newly diagnosed with dyslexia! We're currently working on lesson 3 and he has mastered the letters and sounds from 1&2. I'm so proud and feel all kinds of optimism! Thank you so much for creating this gift of a program!


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