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Let's celebrate these INCREDIBLE children who have worked so hard and grown as readers!! You are all amazing!


Luke- We love how you are using the pound it out strategy to spell your words!

Love, Mom (Whitney)


Logan- We love how fluently you are starting to read!!

Love, Mom (Whitney)


I am so proud of your "can do hard things" attitude. Your brain is growing every day and I love seeing it.

Love, Mom (Diep)


I am incredibly proud of the hard work and effort Ruby put into completing the course, even during the holidays. She has made fantastic progress and I have loved learning along side her.

-Love, Mom (Leanne)


Natalia finished Boosting Reading. She was able to write all words correctly. We will be moving on to flourishing readers.


Love, Mom (Arlene)


I see Nathaniel mastering reading in the near future

Love, Mom (Karen)

ArmstrongFamily (143) - Megan Armstrong.jpg

I am proud of you for trying something new and pushing yourself to learn more and more!

Love, Mom (Megan)


We are so proud of you and completing your homework lessons every night!

Love, Dad (Jeff)


I am so proud of you Charlotte for practicing her letter sounds every day!

Love, Mom (Jayme)

3BF6A461-8E9B-4DA6-B60D-5DE5662C3043 - Leslie B.heic

Ruby, we are so proud of you and how hard you have worked at the Developing Readers Academy! I'm amazed at how much you have learned in such a short time. You have become quite the decoding ninja! We look forward to you reading us lots of books :)

Love, Mom (Leslie)

PXL_20221228_182330809.PORTRAIT - Kristi Remkus.jpg

We are so proud of you Madie. Thank you for working so hard to become such a strong reader.

Love, Mom (Kristi)


Natalia was able to identify the vowels sounds and write the words.

Love, Mom (Arlene)


Jimmy, we’re excited to share this reading journey with you. You are amazing and your brain is growing super strong! We love you!

Love, Mom (Sonya)


Hattie- So proud of how hard you worked!

Love, Mom (Kesley)


Way to persevere Sawyer! Being sick never makes it easy, but you did your best!

Love, Mom (Dakota)

IMG_2631 - Sandra Sandoval.HEIC

I am soo proud of your hard work and willingness to start your lessons on your own.

Great job! Your commitment and excitement is so much fun to see. Keep it up Mateo!

Love, Mom (Sandra)


Natalia was able to sound out the letters and write all the words independently.

Love, Mom (Arlene)

School Photos 2020-655 - Alyssa Muto.jpg

Gabriel- Sitting and listening to their teacher! Trying to give a thumbs up or down when asked! Becoming an awesome reader!

Love, Mom (Alyssa)

6EE53A2C-7B51-467E-9EA1-3B556AB4BA3C - Helen Noonan.jpeg

Leyton worked so hard this summer on his reading with Miss Buddy to get ready for 1st grade! He is such a stronger reader and is excited to take what he learned and go read more books!! He did amazing and I am soooo proud of him!!

Love, Mom (Helen)

20220228_105944 - Wendy M (1).jpg

Joseph I'm so proud of all your hard work. Your reading skills are improving so much. You should be so proud of yourself. Keep being you. I love you!

Love, Mom (Wendy)


Keeping learning, you are amazing Mia!!

Love, Mom (Molly)


She did amazing reviewing the sounds. I see her being confident when reading.

Love, Mom (Arlene)

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